My blog is at https://scottieashseed.wordpress.com/

I am a Certified Arborist & Openland’s TreeKeeper, Chicagoland Community tree historian, and Refounding member of America’s Midwestern Prairie School Ecology Movement. An early Conservation Era championed by Jens Jensen, FL Wright, FL Olmsted, OC Simmons. And John Blair who planted Wright studio’s famous Gingko tree.

In 2013 I was invited by Morton Arboretum to join a new committee being organized, which would be assembled of top representatives belonging to regions leading public and private organizations, and best accomplished individuals belonging to the Scientific community.

Also co-headed by non for profit Openland’s organization, passionate leaders representing humanities fourth wave of conservationists. This world class committee would be called CRTI, or Chicago Region Trees Initiative.

Its vision began to encompass so many ideas and goals, from the beginning its whole would be segmented into multiple individual committees. Resulting in a number of members belonging to several committees, which all met at different times during each month.

I myself belong to a CRTI committee called Planting & Stewardship. Tasked with educating countless representatives, supervisors and workers employed by local municipalities, Park Districts, and Multiple county Forest preserve Districts. About all modern aspects and (BMP) Best Management Practices involving todays Arboricultural and Horticultural trades and industries.


As a Dendrologist, I have documented the ages of some 15,000+ trees. Just 10,000 individual trees alone over last decade, most being Ash which had been threatened by todays biblical in scope Emerald Ash Borer event.

As an experienced Plant health care Arborist, I have now completed over 500 “Root Flare” or “Root Crown” excavations. Which rescues lives of trees that have had their surrounding soil grade raised, over mulched by landscapers during todays “Mulch Mounding fad”, arrived from Nursery with root flares already too deep in rootball, or incorrectly installed by contractors when planting.

Since 2008 I have personally educated over 5000 public & private owners, supplying most up to date options regarding management of Emerald Ash Borer. One of the most important accomplishments, was informing individual property owners that their tree or trees were Ash. As most are not aware of this fact, until much latter after trees begin showing decline. Or not until after trees die, when its too late to save them.

Surveyed for endangered Ash trees across huge swaths of local region and distant communities in neighboring states throughout Midwest. On foot, by bike, automobile. And for first time in Scientific field study history, utilizing Google street view to find trees along parkways and in back yards.

I am also an inventive Electronic Bench tech Engineer, collector of old tube radio’s TV’s

In 1994 My friend Scott Davidson, John Engel and I Broadcast one of the first World Wide Web radio stations over the Internet.  If you are Heavy Metal enough, check it out at http://rebelradio.com/


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Documenting monumental tree losses across America

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